Daniel's Computer Tutoring and Repairs

Making the computer fun to use without the hassles and/or frustrations


Answers to FAQs

Do you have experience working with computers?

Yes, I have a lot of experience with computers. I have helped many customers with computers, and showing them how the internet works as well as helping them get into their e-mails. I've been around computers almost all my adult life and have used computers since I was a kid. 

Is customer required to confirm appointment ahead of time? 
Yes, no later than 24 hours before scheduled appointment. I will call to remind customer 48 hours ahead of time of the scheduled appointment. 

How long in advance would one to cancel an appointment?
The policy for appointment cancellations is no later than 24 hours ahead of time. Any appointment that is cancelled under 24 hours (i.e., last second cancellations with myself en route to job site), will be subject to a cancellation fee of $50 paid in Cash ONLY, on the spot upon arrival. 

What payments do you accept?
I accept Cash, PayPal, Google Pay, Cash App.